parties and the aftermath

Well Sunday was Boo’s party. It was great. We didn’t have it in the scout hut because we were inviting hordes, she’s only going to be 2 after all! It was so that the 4 or 5 littlies that were there could run around fairly uninhibited and that’s exactly what happened. Boo and her 3 little friends (1 didn’t come due to a nasty tummy bug – last thing anyone wants the week before Christmas!) spent almost 3 hours running around, playing on the tricycle, doing gluing and playing lego without a squeal or a squabble from anyone. Fantastic, and the clear up was pretty easy too. The food went down well, the cake


was a big success and Boo received some lovely gifts. Her 2 favourites would be the traditional humming top


and the puppet theatre from her aunty and uncle!


 in fact she loved it so much



it didn’t go away! And then the next day it metamorphosised (sp) into a….




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