the cauliflowers are dead….

What more can I say? they died, Tom put them out and thel frost killed them. I’d photograph them but that would mean a permanent memorial to the cauliflowers that never were. I’d like to be flippant but the situation is far too grave.

 On other notes!

Muffin visited the school we went to see before and she starts in January. We need to agree a gradual introduction and although the school would prefer full time or a minimum of 4 full days I’m going to stick to the 3 day week unless she says otherwise. She’s heading in for an hour or so one morning next week but we’re not sure which just yet. She’s excited but nervous. I’m happy for her but concerned. It’ll work out I’m sure, one way or another.

Noise met up with her dad again. She’s happy, he’s happy but some ground rules are going to need to be set. I’ll say no more on the matter but ground rules are definitely coming….

It’s Boo’s birthday party tomorrow. She’s not 2 until Christmas eve but as no one is free on Christmas eve and it just becomes a bit of a Christmas party we thought it best to do it the weekend before. I’m hoping it’ll go well. We have a few of Tom’s friends coming down and some other 2 year olds. Party food is prepared, just needs cooking and I just need to go bake a cake so that I can then decorate it this evening.

 I’ve been out to Fun Pots where I managed to paint stocking presents for all 3 girls, Noise & Muffin have a little trinket bowl each and Boo has a VERY colourful butterfly (or they will after I pick them up today!). I had a good evening, I’m not sure how much hope I should hold out but it was a positive start. After enjoying the experience so much on Wednseday I’ve decided that when I go to pick up the things I did Wednesday I’ll stay and do some more. I did Grandma’s cushion cover last night and decided it would be nice to do a jug or a vase to go with it so that’s one of the items I’ll be painting today, then there’s Tom’s middle sister who I thought I could paint something for her (to go with the mittens I’m making her!) and his niece, I just need to find out her favourite colour!

 Photographs will follow. They’ve been a bit thin on the ground lately but they will return.

That’s it for this morning. More later, after baking and painting and felting and sewing and and and and!!


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