It’s been a funny few days….

On Friday Noise met her dad. She hasn’t seen him since she was 2 so she was understandably very nervous. So was I. You know how when you meet an ex you have to look good… well I was in desperate need of a hair cut and of course 6+ months pregnant! Still, I didn’t look too bad and it wasn’t about me anyway so off we traipsed. Noise cried when they met, and so did he. He gave her a bracelet and we spent the whole afternoon together. Every so often they just stared at each other. I think the afternoon was a success and they’re both keen to see each other again. The down side was I don’t think he’s grown up at all but maybe (as Tom says) he’s just reverting to how old he was when he last saw her. Noise was shattered after and we’ve had a trying few days. I know she’s glad she’s got us but she must feel quite funny having now met this guy who has only ever been almost imaginary to her.  

Muffin hasn’t reacted fantastically to it all either. Since Noise first mentioned wanting to meet him Muffin has been feeling terribly insecure. She can’t understand why Noise wants another family, and she’s been worried as Noise does have 2 more sisters. The bad news for Noise is that she’s unlikely to meet them anytime soon, which of course is good news for Muffin as she won’t feel threatened.  

I’m not worried. I don’t see him as a threat to our family life although I did get a little sick of hearing Noise’s text tone go off every few minutes the first couple of days (well it wasn’t actually every couple of minutes, it just felt like it!)  

Muffin’s also feeling crappy about returning to school. She really wants to go and she won’t listen to reason about SATS pressure – and of course we haven’t told her that the school haven’t decided whether to accept her. Tom sent off a follow up email/letter last night asking for another meeting. This time with Muffin so that the head can meet her and see how lovely she is, and so that Muffin can see the school and see how it makes her feel being in that environment even just for a visit. Tom hasn’t heard back yet so he’ll follow it up with a phone call tomorrow.  

It feels like it’s all happening here at the moment. What with Noise and her dad, Muffin and school and of course Boo and her heart. I’m trying to rearrange her 24 hour heart tape as the date they’ve sent us is for the beginning of April at which point we will have a small baby to contend with when we should be focussing on her. As is usual I’ve had to leave a message but I think I’ll try again in a minute or two as I’m an impatient critter!! 

A positive is that I’ve asked my friend (from my last post) if she fancies an evening at a pottery painting café tomorrow night (late night opening) and she’s provisionally said yes. Unfortunately, they’ve just phoned to say they’re fully booked but we’re on the reserves as they expect spaces to come up. I hope it works out, feels a little like I’m setting myself up but if I don’t try it’ll never work out.  

So, slightly longer post than I planned and not terribly interesting but at least I’m caught up. Later I’ll post about what the kids have actually been up to and update on the owl, which you may or nmot be interested but I am!! And we have a strange bird that I can’t identify, hopefully someone else can/will for me.


One thought on “It’s been a funny few days….

  1. Hey, life does sound hectic at the moment! It’s nice to read about what you’re all up to. Good luck with the pottery painting – should be fun – and best of luck with all the girl’s various adventures as well, must be manic at the moment but it will all be ok! xxx

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