So, the AGM was a success socially. We had a new couple turn up with their 14 week old beautiful daughter who was wonderfully behaved throughout and a couple who’d been through antenatal classes arrive with their 12 day old son! Unfortunately though in terms of business it was a bit of a disaster, we’ve been left with a minimal committee and at a really rubbish time. I don’t think a few weeks before Christmas is a time when I’m going to have any luck recruiting new members, and if I leave it until after Christmas things will have built up and it’ll be hard to hand stuff over to new people. Ah well, I’ve emailed the outgoing committee and asked for help with a recruitment phone round so I’ll just wait and see what happens there.

 One side effect of this is that each time I wake to roll over in the night I start to worry about it again, which of course keeps me awake for a while… I’m sure it’ll be resolved.

I had friend round for coffee today. We used to be best friends and then circumstances got in the way and things became more and more difficult for us to stay friends. It’s been hard and I decided in the summer that I’d let our friendship go as holding on to it was so painful. Everytime I thought we might be back on track I discovered we weren’t. She was quite insistent about coming over today. She mentioned coffee a couple of weeks ago and I’d made excuses and let setting a date drift, then last week we set a date and she cancelled and I’d expected that but then she’d asked to reschedule and I’d reluctantly said today but then yesterday I tried to cancel as the venue she’d picked wasn’t the most Boo friendly place I’d seen. Surprisingly she’d said she’d come over then… We had a nice time, chatting was nice, our babies (well not so much babies anymore of course) played together really nicely – until Boo got tired and wanted N to lay down and play doctors and he didn’t want to so she made him… For us it was just like old times, I’m not holding out any hopes. I’ve done that too many times in the past and it really feels awful each time. Our daughters hate each other, and in fact her daughter is the main reason Muffin left school, I cannot stand her daughter, and her husband is awful. On the surface, in public, he’s nice enough but that’s not what he’s really like. So we don’t mention them. There are other things too, she miscarried when I conceived Boo, her baby would’ve been a couple of weeks older, Boo is a girl and N is a boy and she had so wanted a girl. It makes it tough, I just have to accept the friendship we now have – which is intermittent and dependent on when she is prepeared to talk to me. I understand mostly, the girls are lovely girls, Tom is a wonderful husband (to-be) and father, seeing Boo hurts and now we’re having baby number 4  but it doesn’t make it fair to me or easy. So although I say I’ll walk away from the friendship, I won’t, not ever because I can’t. One day she might need me and I couldn’t not be there.

Sorry to pour that out.

On a better note Noise has just banged on the window to tell me my owl is flying round the field, he’s becoming a regular visitor. I think I forgot to mention he’d been in the garden again Sunday when Tom was out clearing up the debris from the high winds in the morning. Wed seen him out on a fence post just after the winds had died down but then he disappeared somewhere. Tom went out to the allotment area to tidy up a bit and I saw him, sitting on a different post behind Tom, then he took off and hovered for a while before flying off. Tom was oblivious, hadn’t heard or noticed a thing which is such a shame as he was so close really.

Still doing the telly thing, Boo watches the occasional 10 minute slot but only once a day and then we’re on to doing so much more fun stuff. Right now, she’s sleeping. We’re off to experience late night shopping Lewes style later (fire works at the castle at 6pm), should be fun.

That’s me for now. Can’t think of anything more to post so catch you later.


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