cornflour and quicksand

The girls learnt a while back (probably about a year) about the properties of cornflour and how it was similar to quicksand. Today they asked if they could introduce Boo to it….

I was feeling brave and so here’s the result

cornflour11.jpg   cornflour2.jpg   cornflour3.jpg   cornflour4.jpg  i-dont-really-like-it.jpg   how-much-fun.jpg   ooey-gooey.jpg

Boo thought she liked it, then she wasn’t quite so sure and then she realised she did!!

She managed to grasp the concept that if you keep it moving it stays solid but if you leave it alone it goes ‘gloopy’. Home ed, practical experiments at work!! Ok, she’s only 2 (almost) and she probably won’t remember unless we do it a few more times but I’m happy.


2 thoughts on “cornflour and quicksand

  1. Isn’t it the opposite of quicksand as you’re not suppose to struggle and move if you fall into it? whereas with Cornflour if you stop moving it it goes gloopy???

    Make sure you don’t fall into a puddle of cornflour and you;ll be ok.!!

    luff chew

  2. if you struggle in quicksand it holds you fast and you can’t climb out. if you stay very still and someone slowly pulls you out you might just about make it. were you not listening that day Tom?

    so no, it’s the same, not the opposite but at least it shows you’re paying attention (now if not at the time of the ‘lesson’)


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