at last i’m up to date (almost)

So Monday, as well as a visit to the school I saw my first Jay. Now, I probably have seen a Jay before but I’ve never noticed one. I wouldn’t have even noticed this one if J hadn’t told me she sees them all the time in her London garden – I was of course a little jealous and made a note of what they looked like and so when one flew past the windscreen on our way to visit the school I actually noticed it! Obviously I didn’t take a picture, I’m not the obsessed (well actually I wouldn’t have had time even if I was).

I haven’t done any more to the advent tree but I will try to finish it off tomorrow night. Tonight is the night of the NCT branch AGM…. and I have to be honest, I’m dreading it. Too many jobs to do, not enough volunteers and that was before I found out about the extra 2 committee members that are stepping down. After this evening, unless we get any surprises we will be Treasurerless, Membership secretaryless on top of all the other gaps already there. I have told the girls I’m going to be cutting back on how much I do and I mean it. There is even a chance I may step down as Chair altogether. I know I’m ot going to take on anything extra and vacant roles will just remain vacant with no added input from me.

Now is a time to be focussing on the family, on the girls, on Tom and on Yogi.

In light of this here’s the advent tree (ribbon over mantle still to come)


 and here’s 2 of the girls opening envelopes, and finding bath bombs



Noise, is as always still asleep when these were taken…


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