and finally

Oh, I finished Boo’s leg warmers, I know I was hoping to make them into legwarmersocks but it went wrong. At a critical point she fell and bumped her head on the cupboard. I threw the kniting aside and left it, I didn’t go back to it for days and of course as I was sort of making it up and adapting a pattern when I went back to it I was hopelessly lost…. I tried to work it out, but then I had to give up and unravel the whole sock part. It was sad but in the cricumstances for the best.


Now I need to make mittens. Her hands freeze whenever she’s outside. I’m not sure if I’m up to making them with thumbs or not. It seems like a pretty tricky proposition in view of her size. First I need to find a pattern online. I thought I might make it u as I went along but I think it’ll be less stressful if I just follow a pattern…..

And then I’ll make legwarmers that match her mittens which will be a nice natural wool in a lovely deep purpley colour. And maybe a hat too, she has a cool new hat that she got at the NCT Nearly New Sale but I’d like a girly one too, or at least a little more girly than the one she has.

And maybe after that some armwarmers as previously promised…..

But of course Christmas is round the corner and I still need to make Grandmas cushion cover, the girls little presents, the curtains for the lounge, finish the sofa covers…. maybe I need to prioritise. Mittens come top I think as Boo doesn’t have any. The Grandmas cushion cover. Then i might make the girls some nice mittens too…..


One thought on “and finally

  1. Now they are way cool. Very impressive!

    Christmas is coming really quickly, I feel like there’s too much to do! It’s very exciting though.

    I love your advent tree it’s great. The bath bomb recipe looks good too, must try that at some point. Thanks for all the inspiration!

    And thanks for the offer of eggs as well, we’d be more than happy to much out the chickens in return – and we’ll bring a cake next time too!! Rach x

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