buy nothing day

According to Mel over at Beansprouts tomorrow is buy nothing day. I believe her, she’s wise like that!

I like her wanted to get the Guardian as it has a baking supplement. Now of course I’m considering not. We have a second issue with regards not buying tomorrow. Tom has a DIY competent friend (R) coming down to help him make Boo’s Christmas present – a small wooden oven. Now, they can’t do this without the wood and without R there’s a very good chance the wrong wood might be purchased…. so buying in advance of tomorrow is not particularly wise and if they don’t buy tomorrow it isn’t going to happen. Now we’re not very much ‘buying’ people anyway so it’s tempting to ignore the buy nothing day. But if everyone ignores it then it doesn’t mean anything. I haven’t bought anything today, and I didn’t buy anything yesterday, in fact I haven’t bought anything since Saturday and it was only wood and the paper I was going to buy tomorrow but I feel torn. I want to support the day but I want Tom to make Boo’s oven. We are trying to make as many gifts as we can this year and out of recycled/recyclable materials if we can but tomorrow will be the one and only day Tom has the support he needs (as a terminally incompetent DIYer) to get this gift made. So, do we compromise or do we join in? I’m afraid we have to give in and buy. I’ll forgo the Guardian and any nice lunch stuff but the wood just has to be bought.

Tom did try the wood recycling project in Brighton but they didn’t have what he was after, R is bringing down some off cuts he has, so maybe we won’t buy much….



2 thoughts on “buy nothing day

  1. Oi. “terminally incompetent”???!!

    Talk about media bolstering the story to make it more glamourous/newsworthy etc. That’s almost a smear campaign!!

    You might note that we didn’t buy the wood but recycled offcuts instead. But we did buy a drill bit and two cupboard hinges.

    ah well.

  2. OK, maybe terminally incompetent was a little harsh but i think it’s going to take some serious tutoring to enable you to make a Boo oven on your own – without the bodgeness! you are a self-confessed bodger after all.

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