Less telly day2

Tom put my cauliflowers out today 😦 I’m a little bit worried for them. It’s getting chilly now so I’ll go get them in but I’m worried that they went out in the first place…. I really want these to succeed. Cauliflower is just about the only veg my pregnant stomach can tolerate and although these won’t be ready until Yogi has arrived they are very dear to me!! Still, I couldn’t keep them in all winter now could I?? I checked on the onions while Boo and I went out, they look like they’re doing pretty well


excuse the sun, it was either that or my huge shadow obscuring them!

 So, day 2 of less telly is going pretty well. Muffin got up before me and brought Boo downstairs, gave her breakfast and then asked if it was OK to watch 1 episode of Noddy. That done she turned off the telly and I got up. Today we glued fish with collagey bits. Then we got ready for our home-ed meet up, which involves a packed lunch. Once we done this and got in the car I finally looked at Noise who was white as a sheet and looking very clammy….. “honey do you feel ok?” “no, not really mum” “so what do you want to do?” “I’ll be OK” she goes paler….. I turn the car around and head home, we eat our picnic lunch on the lounge floor and then she asks to do painting with Boo. Boo says ” 1 more Noddy mummy?” “No, honey, not today” “OK den. Painting?” so off they go to do butterfly prints. Fantastic, this no telly lark is easier than I thought.

 After painting Noise heads back to bed, Muffin grabs a book and Boo and I head out to the garden (after wrapping up very warmly!). We ran, we kicked conker tree leaves, we checked out the onions, we swung on the swings and we even swung from the conker tree…..


I couldn’t get a better picture of her as this branch is pretty high up and she isn’t actually ready to hang by herself but I thought this’d let Tom know what we’d been up to.

We did balancing/tightrope walking on the broken wall and Boo even tried climbing the climbing frame. It was fun, cold, but fun. So cold in fact she asked to go in and find some raisins and milk.

I’m enjoying indulging her in all she desires, it’s actually more fun than vegging out with a book while she sits in front of the telly. The girls seem to be enjoying it too. It’s all good and well thinking about what GCSE’s you might want to do or what you want to be when you eventually grow up but it’s so much fun to just grab a paintbrush and some poster paints and splodge paint about. There’s no purpose, no reason and you can take as long as you want. It’s like the collage we did yesterday. By the time you’re old enough to appreciate how much fun sticking and gluing and splodging is you’re not allowed to do it anymore. This is why I had children, so I could indulge!

I can hear Boo and Muffin emptying out the bricks now so I guess it’s time to build more towers, Boo loves building towers, it’s all she does with the Lego at the moment. There’s plenty of time in the future to do other stuff, towers are by far the most important thing for now she thinks.


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