catching up 22/11/07

It’s been a busy time this last week or so.  

Firstly the whole of last week was taken up organising and preparing for the NCT Nearly New Sale that took place on Sunday. Considering it was a new venue it worked pretty well. Profit was down on the previous sale but all the sellers said they were keen to come back and now all we need to do is focus on publicity to attract more buyers for the next sale. We had plenty of volunteers and they all worked really hard so I’m a happy lady!! 

I’m sure that wasn’t all that happened last week but it feels like it! Anything else has just disappeared. Grandma did come down Tuesday night through to Wednesday afternoon so I got to have a little Booless time, which is a rarity. Grandma and the girls made tiaras, as pictured below.  


Friday was of course Tom’s day off and he kicked it off by booking an appointment for Noise to see the Optician, something that I keep forgetting about…. Good news is she now only needs to wear her glasses occasionally if she feels her eyes getting tired. But the prescription has changed so she needed to get new glasses – the first I’ve not supervised the choosing of….. they should be ready tomorrow, fingers crossed Tom kept her in check!! 

Saturday we explored Lewes, I haven’t been to just have a look round for absolutely ages and had forgotten how much I love it! So many interesting shops to investigate, so many places to get stocking fillers!  

Sunday was the big day, Noise wasn’t as helpful as usual as a friend of hers came to help too which made both of them a little inefficient, Muffin ran the refreshments and did a fantastic job selling Tom’s cakes, plus a few others that had been donated, she made £70 and was over the moon with all the work she’s done. It was only later that I pointed out that she’d done loads of maths, she’d manually worked out everyone’s prices and change all day without any help. She did have an adult helper but I had made sure that she was in charge!! She’s been thinking for a while she’d quite like to run a café, this has made her more determined and she’s been talking about the fact she’d have to do the books and plan menus and things.  

After, we headed off 2 hours up the motorway to celebrate Tom’s Goddaughters 2nd birthday. There were some surprise faces there and we had a very good time Boo & A played nicely, it’s always good when we see them together, it’s just a shame A lives so far away. By the time we got home it was late and we were all shattered!! 

This week has been a clear up from last week, sorting through donations from the sale, counting up sellers labels and making sure all the sellers cheques were sent off promptly. It’s all done now, just one more box to be sorted out and then it can all go away until January….  

Tom’s contacting the school Muffin wants to go to today so we should know soon whether flex-schooling is an option for her at the moment.

 Boo had her check up at the new and improved Royal Alex in Brighton. The hospital’s definitely an improvement and although we saw the same nurse for her ECG her attitude had also undergone a dramamtic improvement – clearly a case of improved working environment = improved working attitude in my opinion. Good news is, Boo didn’t cry when she had her ECG done. Bad news is she does have a slow heart rate. She’ll need another 24hour trace done (this appointment was supposed to be a check up and discharge….) and then a follow up in 6 months. We’ll see how it goes but the possibility of a pacemaker at some point is back on the horizon. Them the breaks, at least she’s got a faster heart rate than her dad did at the same age!! 

Noise is sick, she’s got a sore throat and a cough and I tell you she’s a worse patient than any man I’ve ever met!! Man flu doesn’t describe well enough what she has! I’m sure she’ll recover as soon as she gets the next offer from a friend to go over for a few hours!! 

On the veg front I have to confess I haven’t been down to the plot at all due to the time shortage I’ve been suffering from but my cauliflowers are storming, I’m sure I’ll need to plant them out before too long but I’m worried the frosts will kill them…. It doesn’t seem right to grow them in the dining room for the WHOLE winter… tempting as it might be!!  

cauli update

So that’s it, all caught up. Well almost. Tom got me a book from the library, I glanced at it when he brought it in and thought ‘gee thanks mate’. It was “The Big Turnoff” by Ellen Currey-Wilson. Brilliant book. Thouroughly enjoyed it and it’s made me think. See my next post about our big tellylesss experiment!


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