Village bonfire and late night walk (well not so late)

So, last night was our village bonfire night. I, in my state of minor insanity thought it would be a good idea to walk there. I suggested it, met a little resistance but overall it was agreed. We would wrap up warm and walk.  

Slight spanner in the works was Boo’s illness this week with ear infection and nasty cold it looked as though she and I might have to give it a miss. Luckily she seemed much better yesterday with minimal coughing and no signs of ear ache for a couple of days so I thought we should go for it. We wrapped her up warm,


made sure the girls were wrapped up warm too (although we did get outside and notice they didn’t have coats on….) and set off. Before we’d even crossed the first field I was wondering how good an idea this was and Tom was making comments about how if this had been his idea I’d probably be ready to kill him….  

One unfortunate outcome of Boo’s cold was that she needed to be carried on Tom’s front rather than back, which at her size isn’t ideal but is acceptable.

Anyway, we walked, and walked, all those fields and tracks that seem so simple in the daylight are everso slightly more daunting in the dark – particularly when considering the lack of moonlight! It was fine though, a couple of fields in and we all realised we were actually enjoying it and we’d be there soon.  

It was worth it. The display always has a theme and some old guy does a commentary telling us a little story. The sound is always a little dodgy and we always wonder just how much he’s had to drink but it’s good. Very cheesy but good. This year was 007 and his attack on Halitosis Castle. The girls seemed to enjoy the display and Noise took loads of photos on her new phone (which I will upload as soon as I have her permission!) Boo didn’t flinch at the noise (luckily) and stared up at the lights in awe. Despite the fact that I knew we still had to walk back I was glad, everyone was having a good time – even me!!  

It started drizzling as we began our way home but fortunately never actually started raining and we made it home tired but happy desperately hungry for the pizzas from the freezer!  

All in all a successful Barbara suggestion and a successful walk, even if we did forget our fluorescent jackets (it was 99% across the fields and 1% on a pavement so it was fine). Boo hardly coughed the whole time we were out and slept like a log until 9am this morning – fantastic!


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