gardens, fires and squabbling

Girls went out with their dad today. We always seem to get lost not knowing what to do when they’re gone. Boo said before they left that she wanted to do painting so that’s what we thought we’d be doing, we didn’t though.  

First Tom had to rush out to get mushrooms and sherry for a recipe he stole from Rach and then he had to prep the dish, individual Beef Wellingtons. When he got back in I decided we ought to get out in the garden and I really wanted to check on my onions (never did get the garlic, is it too late? I’ll see) so we wrapped Boo up and headed out. Tom & Boo playing in the garden while I surveyed the veg plot.

Seems to be looking ok, onions are coming up, lettuce still looks good and the leeks have grown a tiny bit (I think).


        lettuce1.jpg            leeks1.jpg

The broccoli have flowered so I think that’s it for them for this year but it’s ok as since I’ve been pregnant I think they’re disgusting!  Spent a little while fooling around outside with Boo collecting leaves (we need to get a rake – and then set up a leaf pile so we can make the leaf mould goo that everyone keeps talking about…) and rolling down hills….  



Headed in for lunch in spite of Boo’s protests and once in decided it was high time the fire was lit! Tom had phoned the chimney sweep Friday and he confirmed that it’d been swept in February, no one had used it since that but before we moved in and told us how to check it wasn’t blocked so Tom got on with it. And gorgeous it is too, it’s toasty and warm and apart from the smell of burning (different to the one you’d expect of course!) from the dust settled on the back of the wood burning stove (you try dusting round there….) it’s lovely!

Boo spent the afternoon playing and then sleeping while I tried attempt number 3 of her experimental legwarmers/socks and Tom baked a (banana) cake and then cooked our dinner .


Girls got home, we ate the delicious Beef Wellington Tom made, Boo went to bed and then we settled down with the girls for an evening of ‘squabble’  

Let me tell you about squabble. We were introduced to squabble by 2 very good friends of ours R & J, whilst away at R’s parents barn (Cyfiau Bach) in mid Wales. Squabble uses the tiles from scrabble, you turn them all face down and head round in a circle turning them back over one by one. As you spot a word you shout it out and grab the tiles. if you’re not quick someone else’ll spot that if you rearrange them they spell something different and so will steal them or you can add a letter or two and steal them that way – a very fast game that requires a certain amount of feistiness on the players part. I played this with my slightly slow but lovely Tom (only slow at this, I don’t mean generally), and my daughters Noise (distracted by her birthday present from her dad, an iPod Shuffle) aged 14 and Muffin aged 11 – needless to say I won, both games. It’s the only time I feel remotely intelligent and even then it’s tinged by the knowledge it wasn’t really a fair fight…..


One thought on “gardens, fires and squabbling

  1. Yay! Glad the recipe worked. I’m so jealous of your garden – and you even have a hammock! Sadly nothing to hang a hammock from in ours, but must get more veggies going next year, just have potatoes at the moment. Squabble sounds much more fun than Scrabble, have to give that a try x

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