Sunday walks and knitting experiments

Sunday seems to be our day for walks, yesterday Tom came up with the wonderful idea of heading to the Cuckoo Trail where Noise would be able to roller blade and Muffin could ride her bike while Boo stayed warmly tucked into her pushchair wearing her ‘experimental jumper’. It was great, we parked up at Hellingly – wow, I hadn’t realised the Golden Martlett pub could get any worse (it’s now being renovated by the looks of it (or just held up by scaffolding|!!)) and headed up towards Horam. Tom has never experienced the Cuckoo Trail so it was quite nice to share this with him. The leaves all over the trail were beautiful, trees surrounded us and apart from Noises rollerblades skidding out from under her every so often it was perfect. The downside of the Cuckoo Trail is that it’s a straight up and down route, you can do circular walks off it but we needed to be wheel friendly for once so couldn’t go off track really, it meant we had to decide when we were half way to having walked far enough and then turning round! The great thing is if you take it easy there is so much to see that you see new things both directions. Luckily we made it back to the car park just in time for Boo to be getting fractious and for Muffin to be tired of cycling. Once in the car park the drama began. Boo had reached the point of fed-uppedness and Muffin was larking about, she decided to leap-frog over a post…… unfortunately the post was a tiny bit too tall for her! She now has a half square grazed onto her thighs where she didn’t quite make it over, and the half hour or so drive home was punctuated by ow’s and argh’s and sudden intakes of breath. Noise, not to be left out had to point out that she’d rollerbladed into a fence so her hands hurt a bit too.  In spite of injuries the girls enjoyed it (although it may be a little while before Muffin can sit comfortably on her bike again) and they’ve asked to head down there again soon. I’m happy with that, it’s an all weather route and there are places to stop and have a coffee in Horam and Hailsham so whether we go North or South is fine and as it’s a 13mile route in total we can do as much or as little as we like – great for keeping fit before Yogi arrives and even after.  

On another note, I finally planted my cauliflower seeds! In egg boxes so that when I transplant them they won’t be too disturbed


and I’m hoping they’ll remain a little insulated for a while. The onions are also coming up, most rows have about 5 coming up out of the 9 in each but two rows have all 9 up. I’m hoping they all will and then we’ll hopefully have a nice lot of onions for next year. I think I planted 45 white onions and 36 red onions. As Tom pointed out though this is less than one a week of each so they won’t do us for that long but it’s a start!  

Update on the experimental jumper is that it’s finished and has been worn. I like it, obviously it’s not perfect but then if you do make it up as you go along and heve never made a jumper before in your life then what do you expect!! The hood is a little tight around the front so when it’s up it curves round her face, but it keeps her sng so maybe that’s better. The body’s a bit wide but then that means it fits over the top of other stuff.


Overall I am very pleased with it. I started trying to knit some legwarmer/socks for Boo to match her jumper but ran into some issues. Firstly, I’ve never knitted in the round before and trying to control 5 needles and remember I was knitting a round not a straight took a bit of getting used to. Secondly, I only have one set of needles and they are small (3.5mm) this is fine but I could do with another set slightly bigger so I’ll get those today. I also didn’t know what stitch was best for the body of the legwarmer so I tried a rib, and now they’re too tight so I’m going to unpick the body, go back to the cuff and just do straight purl. I haven’t figured out what I’ll do when I get to the sock bit. I’ve got a pattern for an adult sock  but it looks a bit complicated. If I can’t figure it out I think I’ll just stick with legwarmers! That had been my original plan, I just thought it would be better to add an extra layer to her feet when she’s in the MeiTai.

I noticed Rach over at the ‘big sofa’ was considering a set of armwarmers, maybe I’ll try knitting her a pair once I’ve done Boo’s!


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