In the interests of recycling and reusing

As a family we’ve been members of our local scrapstore since February this year. Unfortunately I didn’t really find the time to get down there very often until recently. Now, I do. I love it. I’ve picked up loads of wool, enough to make whole jumpers (which I will do very soon).

Noise made her birthday party bags out of wool from there and even partially filled them with items from there. I’ve picked up some fabric that I’m hoping I’ll be able to dye to make curtains in our lounge. If I can’t (I’m going to cut off a small square and see what happens) I’ll return the fabric so someone else can use it.

I’ve also discovered via another blog,  lazyseamtress , Morsbags (and I’m going to be using the random medium size pieces of fabric I’ve found at the scrapstore to make these. I’ll be volunteering at an NCT Nearly New Sale  on the 18th November and I’m considering taking along a pile of these to offer instead of plastic bags. I tried to get a wristband company to donate those swimming bands so we could attach them to peoples cloth bags once they had passed through the till but they weren’t having any of it. Maybe I should name and shame and they’d donate but they were charging £47 for 200 bands, which is reasonable I guess but we’re a charity not a business and our new venue (which was our only option) is 3 times as expensive as our previous one so I need to keep everything else as cheap as possible!  

I’ve also managed to pick up fabric to make cushion covers for us, and a lovely piece that would make the perfect  cushion cover to go in my mother-in-laws lounge. I’ll try to get that done very soon as the sooner all my home-made presents are ready the sooner I’ll know what’s left to buy. I’m hoping not much! 

Whenever I tell Tom I’ve been to the scrapstore he sort of sighs, I think he’s worried about where to store everything but the thing is once everything that needs making is made there won’t be much to store apart from the crafty odds and ends for the girls collages and things. Or that’s the theory!


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