Grrr to laptops…. and an update on the girls

Well, I would’ve updated my blog this week but my laptop was behaving erratically and then it gave up the ghost completely. 

 I’m not really sure what to do as this laptop is new, well relatively; I only got it in April this year. I don’t think it’s the laptop anyway, just the charger. The irony is that this is an insurance replacement for one on which Boo snapped the pin for the adapter (within the laptop so non-repairable!). If you get a replacement on insurance then surely it should still be covered under warranty? And can anyone argue that with ordinary use an adapter cable should wear out within 6 months? My last one didn’t – 2 years in and it wasn’t the adapter that was an issue and that one had much worse usage, to and from uni, in bed, on the sofa. This one has been used on the sofa, but an awful lot of use has been on the table in the dining room. I’ve told the kids that they won’t ever be able to use it plugged in when I get a new one. Do I pay £40/£50 to get a new one this week or do I check the warranty and wait while that gets sorted? Today is ok, Tom has left his laptop at home so that I can use it, this is fine as he’s on a training course but tomorrow he won’t be. And luckily some of my most urgent documents I had sent out to people as attachments and so could save them back to my memory stick. Unfortunately some of the documents urgently needed by our branch newsletter editor are nicely tucked away on my laptop (yes I know I should’ve backed them up but it’s too late to tell me that now!)

Anyway, enough about laptops (I’ve certainly had enough of them for now!). 

Boo’s sick. It’s not nice, she’s coughing and spluttering, vomiting and not eating. i know it’s just a cold for now but she seems so small that it’s not nice, and she doesn’t understand that eating more will just make her sick again.  

Noise has lost weight. We went to see her paediatrician and when they weighed her she’d lost 4kg, in 5 months. Thing is Tom and I suspect most of the weight loss has happened fairly recently. What do you do about it, how do you work out why she’s losing weight? I have no idea. Is it deliberate or is it just happening? She’s been exercising more I know but not enough to have lost that much weight and it’s not like she had that much to lose in the first place. I’ll keep you updated but I’m sure she’s fine. I think it’s just my sanity that’ll suffer as I worry about all the eating disorders and body image issues teenagers suffer from, in the meantime I’ll try to keep an eye on her and not tell her off for losing weight. It’s hard not to, when she picks at her dinner it’s hard not to make her eat but making an issue out of mealtimes will only make things worse if she does have issues with food.  

Muffin’s great, thinking about going back into school part-time. Which leaves me not so great as I’ll miss her and worry about her constantly. It isn’t a done deal yet though as we still need to speak to the school concerned and see whether they have room for her and whether they’d have her as a flexi-school student. Watch this space on that!


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