slightly belated post (written thursday night)

The girls are going to try kickboxing Saturday! Along with their free unlimited swims their membership also includes children’s fitness classes so they thought they’d give it a try… Could be interesting! Noise tried Judo when she was 6 and scared the living daylights out of me – she’s always been very tall and erm spindly and I just thought she’d snap! Then at age around 9/10 she tried Karate, this was a little more successful but I was still always quite worried someone would snap her or something. These days she has a more sensible figure although still not terribly unspindly just a little less so so I’m hoping I’ll be a little less scared. She’s also almost 14 and in theory slightly more sensible than she was way back so it could be ok. Muffin is the least confrontational creature I’ve ever met (well except when confronted by Noise…. Then things can get quite erm confrontational??) and yet it was her that suggested it after seeing it on the timetable…. I’ve booked their places so fingers crossed all will be well! Update to follow about 11.30am Saturday (or maybe later depending on the queue at A&E) Thursdays are a swimming day, Noise & Muffin get to go Tuesday & Thursday but Boo just gets to go Thursdays (due to the fact it involves me in a swimming costume and that of course takes a week of psyching myself up to do, twice a week might actually kil me!). She is fantastic, she’s gone from terrified of the pool and taking about 45minutes to actually get past her knees (and if you can picture about 6 or so inches (probably more she’s not here right now so I can’t measure her and I’m no good at guessing measurements anyway)then you’ve got her knee height, then you can imagine how much I enjoyed standing around in previously mentioned cossie waiting for her to go in…) to just sort of running in and swimming (armbands on though)!! All this in about 4 weeks, she loves it. We get there, she almost begs for her banbands and the poooool, we get changed and she just dives in. I then spend about an hour chasing her round the water at fairly high speed, it’s fantastic, I love it. She swims about, shouts for the different bits (rapids (or round and rounds), slide, bridge) and genuinely loves it (except the tortoise (or is it a turtle I can never remember) which squirts water a bit like a shower…). Tom hasn’t seen this yet as we always go midweek, and unlike Tom Goode he hasn’t actually given up the retrace, but he’s going to get the pleasure Saturday when he drops the older two at kickboxing.  

I do love the swimming but as Boo loves it so much it always ends up taking longer than it should, and the toddler session (cheaper swims rather than huge adult price to sit in the baby pool which we have only just discovered) is 12-3 (naptime) which meant Boo got very tired shouting and splashing and jumping in etc and while I was getting her dried in the changing rooms she fell asleep… naked on my lap! I sat there for a few minutes wondering what I was going to do, me in a towel, her naked a fast asleep. I pondered, felt really cruel but had to try, so I laid her down on the changing mat in the hope I could get her nappy on and dress her a little without waking her up. Needless to say she woke up, very unhappy! So after sorting us both out I tried to tie her on my back in the cotton wrap I had brought along just for this moment (getting her and all the bags to the café) and found that months of non-use had completely frazzled my brain (non-wrap use not non-brain use although some might say…) I couldn’t get it right, add to the months of non-practice the fact that the wrap was crisp due to having been washed and stored and Boo was really tired and totally uncooperative, I ended up with a real hodgepodge back-cross wrap that meant I had to support her with my hand AND carry all our swimming bags, it might have been easier just to let her walk!! Although maybe a little cruel considering she was so tired. I’d like to add my months of non-use are down to the wonderful purchase of a Cwtishi Evo Baby Carrier back in May

 Tom & Boo

 which is absolutely fantastic but has rendered my wrap totally unnecessary. I will of course be needing both come March when I’ve got 2 of them to carry! I will of course now be practising my wraps and if needs be I’ll refer back to wrap instructions on the web. Two good places to look if you are interested in babywearing are Slingmeet and The Baby Wearer, both offer forums and advice. Can I add that normally the Evo would have gone with me rather than the wrap (due to how much I love it!) but Tom had inadvertently taken it to work with him… you may ask how but actually for once it was quite simple and really not his fault! Normally I might be moaning at how he’d taken all the keys AND locked the front door on leaving for work, or not locking the front door but taking the car keys to both cars… or the car with the car seat in but not the baby – do you get my drift? Well this time it was actually my fault, I informed him last night I’d managed to blag a good as new mattress off Freecycle ™ for Noise and that he had to take the bigger car as he was picking it up on his way home from work…. It was too late to faff with the car seat etc when I told him so he had to remember this morning before he went off to work  – and this week he’s just started a 4 day working week so has to go in earlier and finish later… he didn’t know the Evo was in the boot, he didn’t look so I won’t blame him, I will in fact take the blame completely (now Tom don’t look so stunned!) 


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