So, the girls survived Kickboxing with (almost) no injuries at all!! Muffin is complaining that her back hurts from where she did sit ups on the floor, but then she is pretty unpadded so I can see why that’d happen. Not only did they survive it but they’ve booked in for next weeks session too.

Swimming wasn’t quite so successful, Tom & I both took Boo in which was fine but what wasn’t fine was that the pool was completely heaving! It was totally full, mostly dads with their tots but also bigger kids in the main bit. The flumes and rapids were also on (which they’re not normally when we go) and the noise was incredible. Boo was not a happy bunny. She swam a little, jumped in a couple of times and asked to go ‘round and round’ but then before we’d even been in half an hour she asked to get out. And she meant NOW. We did, she was pretty upset and just desperate to get out of that cacophony, she wasn’t even keen on having to hang around and get our clothes on…. Needless to say we won’t be going swimming on a Saturday morning again. Now Tom’s off on a Friday it shouldn’t be necessary anyway, he can take her on Fridays if he fancies it. 

I’ll update on how Tom’s first 4 day week another time. Probably tomorrow, for now I thought I’d follow up on my post from Thursday night.


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