Yesterday, a day full of stuff

So, yesterday we: 

Heard Yogi’s heart rate, which is so cool and he/she has a normal rate of about 130bpm – Boo’s remained at around 90bpm throughout pregnancy and resulted in trips to Guys and then the Evalina Childrens hospital once that opened plus weekly appointments with the consultant at the Royal Sussex. So, with any luck all that can be avoided and we can all enjoy a nice stress free pregnancy with a nice calm home birth at the end of it. We shall see…. Having had 2 caesareans prior to having Boo means that although it’s my choice I do sometimes come up against opposition.  Boo and I went to toddler group which we almost never get to but managed today, with the resultant piece of art shown here.  

           Boo’s work of art

It is also of course time for Noise to get her Innocent hats in before the closing date in order to ‘help keep older people warm this winter’. Here are the finished hats, she wanted to do more  but the closing date is the 22nd October so we’re going to be pushing it anyway!    

    Innocent Hats

 I went off for more coffee in the afternoon while the girls stayed home and looked through the books we got out from the libraries Tuesday, while I was gone Muffin came up with this:


yay, inspiration – our very own rainforest animal.

 Mel over at Bean Sprouts has planted her garlic so now all i’ve got going through my head is ‘I must plant the garlic, I must plant the garlic’. I’ve also got onions and overwinter cauliflowers to plant too…. I think this afternoon should be a garden day!


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