here again already

Monday night was my first pregnancy yoga class, it’s taken me a while to get there but I’m glad I did. I enjoyed it; in fact I enjoyed it so much I kept drifting off to sleep during the relaxation piece at the end! Now, if only I could recreate that feeling of peace when I go to bed at night! I’m hoping that yoga is going to build a little bit of calm into my life, not that it’s not calm of course…. But it’s just an hour a half once a week where I get to think of nothing, I can forget what the children may or may not be up to, I don’t have to worry about whether I’ve remembered everything I need to do that day. It’s time for me and Yogi of course, to just chill out and let it all disappear. I’m looking forward to next week already.   

  We had a strange (hopefully inspiring) day in terms of learning (Tuesday – yes I know it’s technically Wednesday but until I’ve been asleep it can’t be another day!) we/I had 2 library trips (different libraries) where we ended up with a huge selection of books on various random topics. I’m currently trying to inspire something in Muffin, she now has books on: volcanoes (maybe she’ll become a vulcanologist?), rainforests, knitting, rocks & minerals, poetry, drawing faces and a book with great pics of what you can see down a microscope (maybe she’ll inherit my love for all things gross… (or is that science)). They then went swimming, this has been brilliant I invested in monthly membership at our local Olympos leisure centre for them at the princely sum of £6 each and they get unlimited swims and unlimited (off-peak) racquet sports. It’s great, they now swim twice a week and Muffin has gone from really lacking in confidence in the water to swimming confidently and leaping around like a loon with absolutely no fear of the water at all – and the best bit for me is that this was totally independent of me, I get to take Boo in and just chill out with her building her confidence by just letting her be without having to worry and fret that Muffin isn’t having fun. Fantastic.   

You’ll notice throughout that the children have odd names, of course they don’t really but calling them DD1, 2 & 3 throughout would get tedious so I’m reverting to their baby names…. DD1 is Noise, DD2 is Muffin & DD3 is Booboo (or Boo) DD4 (or maybe DS1 😉 ) is Yogi. It makes it easier for me and that’s the important bit! 

 I guess I should try the sleep thing again… I did try to recreate the position and the breathing from Yoga and all I could think was ‘hmmm, what did I forget to do today… what do I need to do tomorrow, how will Tom’s 4day working week workout for all of us?’ I’ll try again now, having resolved none of the questions from before! Ah well, I can but try.     



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