Blogging at last!

Well, I finally started my blog – or at least I set it up, now I’m starting it! Or trying to….  

I’m ‘Barbara’ mum to 3 girls, I live with ‘Tom’ but not in Surbiton, more like the East Sussex countryside. Although there’s a bit of an intro on my ‘about’ page I figured some history might be in order for my first post (not that I want to bore you with reams and reams of waffle).  

When I first thought about blogging I wondered whether I should have a home edding blog, a babywearing blog, a veg growing blog or some other weird and wonderful aspect of our life blog, but in the end I decided that as all aspects interweave I’d just write a blog and see how it evolves. These are my thoughts and our experiences. We’re not really Tom & Barbara of course, but we’ve been likened to them (and I think I always wanted to be Barbara right from when I was very little!) a fair few times now. Of course Tom & Barbara didn’t have any children, we have 3 girls plus another on the way – which may of course be a boy, (apparently it’s a 50/50 chance each time but I hadn’t noticed this so far….). 

We live in a lovely 3 bedroom farm cottage with only one human neighbour family but many animal neighbours… we have: next doors 5 horses, the farm across the ways Hebridean sheep and not sure what breed cows, along with a family of Mallard ducks, moles, foxes, rabbits Great Crested Newts and the inevitable birds and insects (oh and of course arachnids….). We only moved here in April (the 1st to be precise but that’s another story) but so far everyone seems a whole lot happier. Since moving in we’ve dug an allotment area – grown our first season of veg, acquired a chicken house and all the gubbins to make a run (but not done anything with it..), we managed to get a greenhouse off Freecycle – and grew tomatoes and peppers in it this year, the girls swings have gone up after sitting in the garden dismantled for 4 years and the previous tenants had left their old climbing frame so we’re doing pretty well in the garden. We also acquired a set of garden furniture courtesy of Grandma – thank you very much Grandma. 

 I think maybe that’s enough for a first post, the real blogging starts next time!  


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